Her Movie Review

I honestly thought this movie was so strange. I grew up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s using internet chat rooms and forums so for me the idea of someone falling in love with a person over the internet is not strange. With that said, in these situations there is an actual human body behind the words on your computer screen. In this movie, the man falls in love with a bodiless operating system… and their sex scene was probably the weirdest part of the movie.

Scarlett Johansson voices the OS and I did not like this casting. I know Scarlett as Black Widow so the entire time I was just like, “Ok Nat” every time she would talk. I feel like they should have hired someone else with the same smooth, raspy voice but who is not as widely known as Scarlett is. Also, I had no idea that Rooney Mara played the ex-wife (she looked gorgeous) and Olivia Wilde also looked incredible in this film too. I really like Amy Adams so it was nice to watch her play another role. Probably the biggest surprise was seeing my favorite actor, Chris Pratt, pop in here! Hello Star-Lord, you sure make movies more fun, don’t ya!?

Even though I thought the movie was a little weird I do appreciate the story; it was definitely unique af. I think if this were a book it would have captivated me from start to finish. One thing I could not figure out was what the time frame in this movie was! It felt like the late 80’s or 90’s but all the technology was so well, high-tech that it just realistically could not have been OUR 80’s or 90’s. They managed to create an artificial intelligence operating system so I think this was just an alternate universe than the one we are living in.

Overall I would give this movie a 4 out 5. It wasn’t bad, it was just weird. I would not re-watch it though and it’s definitely not one of my favorites… however, sometimes movies are just standalone works of art and they should be appreciated for what they are. This one really got you thinking outside the box and I liked that about it. I think if Samantha (the OS) had been voiced by someone else it would have gotten a full 5 stars from me. Or maybe just 4.5, lol.



One thought on “Her Movie Review

  1. I actually loved that movie! I thought it was so interesting. I really liked Scarlett’s voice as the AI, because it sounded more human. I watched Ex Machina this weekend and it had a similar storyline.


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