Train to Busan Movie Review

I tend to stay away from zombie movies/TV shows but I was thoroughly impressed with this film. The dialogue throughout the movie is in South Korean but as someone who watched Sailor Moon in Japanese as a kid (with English subtitles of course, lol) a show in a foreign language has never been, nor ever will be, something that would defer me from watching a show.

There are many spoilers below. 

The movie starts off pretty… regular. I actually forgot I was watching a zombie movie until I saw the infected person come onto the train. “OH YEAH, THIS IS ABOUT ZOMBIES,” I remember thinking. There is a handful of characters in this film each with their own part to play.

First, there is the cutest little girl and her father and the movie is largely focused on them. The dad is so preoccupied with his work that he often neglects his daughter. His gift for her birthday was the same gift he got her for a previous holiday and I’m pretty sure his guilt is what ultimately made him decide to take his daughter to Busan to see her mother.

There is also a pregnant woman and her husband on the train. At first I thought the woman was going to be a total bitch but then I thought, “Give her a break, Jessica. She’s pregnant.” As far as I’m concerned, a pregnant woman can behave however the hell she wants, lol.

A high school baseball team was also on the train as well as two older ladies who were sisters, a homeless man and the most douchebaggiest of douchebags in the world… the man pictured to the left. I legit have never hated a fictional person as much as I hate this man. Have you ever wanted to throw a remote at the TV because you were full of rage and anger? The TV from which I was watching this movie was NOT mine therefore I did not feel inclined to throw a remote but I do remember bitching about this sorry excuse for a man. Are you kidding me!?’s were exclaimed more than once.

While the man above was aggravating he was not the only thing about the movie that irked me. This movie was freaking sad which I was not expecting and sad movies make me sad which is a feeling that I try to avoid. Do all stories deserve a happy ending? Some will say no but I say yes… Everyone deserves a happy ending. A happy ending that this movie sure as hell didn’t have. Everyone fucking dies. Well, not everyone. But basically everyone and I legit could not handle the deaths.

When you love someone you want to give them everything. There is so much on this earth to give to those that we love but nothing will ever compare to giving someone your life to save theirs. It’s the most selfless act because (stay with me, it’s gonna get a bit wordy) while you are doing it to save them you do not get to see them live the life that you just saved. There were a lot of these sacrifices in this movie that just made me super emotional because wow, these people loved each other and that is beautiful.

So yes, the worst thing about this movie is that it’s full of emotion and real, fucking sad shit. I also don’t know why I am cursing so much in this blog post, it’s not something I regularly do but this is what apparently happens when you watch a damn South Korean zombie movie that turns out to be really heart-wrenching and good and sad at the same damn time. Screw you screenwriter and your sad endings! But seriously watch this movie. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend. 


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