Crazy Rich Asians Book Review

I started this book on June 4th but didn’t finish it until this morning (July 15th) which is… kind of really embarrassing! I had a very slow reading month in June which is why there isn’t a “Recently Read” post for June. I was just busy with other things, much like in April when it was Mania season. However, I plan on getting back on track with my reading and will hopefully have a monthly wrap up post for July! Even though this book took me awhile to finish I really enjoyed it!

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan


20/20 I love books that have chapters with alternating characters… however I normally read books that switch between 2-3 people, usually in 1st person perspective. This one has a narrator and each chapter deals with a different group of characters at once. It feels like a movie where one scene is happening then we go to another scene at a different location with different people but it works really well. It really felt like I was watching a movie! Funnily enough this book is being made into a movie and I can’t wait to watch it! Overall all the characters in this were well-written! Some were very unlikeable but that was their purpose. Thankfully Rachel was pretty relatable which I think is what makes the book enjoyable.

Writing Style & Flow

15/20 Sometimes the author got a little too descriptive when it came to what the characters were wearing or describing the room setting. I don’t really need all that information. Other than that he did an excellent job at writing this book because it just flowed so well. There were lots of different scenes going on but it was never confusing.

Story/Plot Lines

20/20 The story is great! I was never bored. It’s about this girl named Rachel who is in a relationship with a man named Nick and they both live in NYC. One of Nick’s closest friends is getting married so they both go to Singapore. This is Rachel’s first time meeting all of Nick’s family and Nick (stupidly) leaves out the fact that he comes from a super rich family so it’s a huge shock to Rachel when she finds out. So there is a lot of drama from Nick’s family not approving of Rachel as well as other members of his family dealing with their own issues.

Overall/Ending/Emotional Value

20/20 I really enjoyed this book! Even though there would be days where I wouldn’t pick it up I never had a problem diving back into it and quickly remembering everything that had happened so far. There was some mystery to it but nothing too creepy or that suspenseful. There are 2 more books in this series and I can’t wait to read them!

Would I recommend this book? Yes 10/10

Would I re-read this book? I don’t think so but not because it was a bad book, something about it doesn’t make it want to re-read it 5/10

Overall Rating: 90/100 (5 out of 5 stars)


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