Into the Water Book Review

I have been wanting to read this book since it was first released in May of 2017 but I actually prefer paperbacks over hardcover so when I got the email from Barnes & Noble that this was finally out in paperback I hurried off to Target (sorry B&N) and got myself a copy. I absolutely love the book cover of this one, I actually used a filter on the photo above for my Instagram “theme” so it doesn’t look exactly like what’s pictured above but the colors are beautiful nonetheless.

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins


20/20 There are a lot of characters in this book, so many in fact that there is actually a character index list at the beginning of the book to remind you who is who and how they are related to other characters, etc. I found it very handy while first starting the book, I kept flipping back to that just to make sure I was on the right page (figuratively speaking.) Even though I didn’t necessarily have a favorite character I liked them all for the purpose they served in telling this story. Every character was interesting and had their own mysteriousness about them that made me want to keep reading and learning more.

Writing Style & Flow

20/20 It’s no secret that I love books that have chapters with alternating character POVs so I was happy that this one had a similar format, except instead of just switching back and forth between 2-3 characters this book switches between (around) 8 or 9 (maybe even more) characters. Each chapter is basically a new setting and POV but it’s done SO WELL that it honestly felt like watching a movie! And by that I mean, you know how when you watch a movie it switches up scene to scene… the movie never stays in the POV of just one character… it switches it up between the entire cast, well this book does that SOOO WELL… props to Paula Hawkins for doing this and NOT confusing me!

Story/Plot Lines

18/20 I think the story is fine, it wasn’t anything overly extraordinary… honestly I think the story was kind of the weakest part of the book (as you can probably tell I was a big fan of her writing style and format for this book!!) But this book gives you some spooky witchy vibes in the beginning so I honestly thought it was going to be a story about someone haunted by one of the witches that were drowned in this pool of water… but it didn’t turn out to be anything like that at all. Basically, this girl commits suicide by drowning herself in this river where hundreds of years ago they also drowned witches (this is where the spooky vibes came from) and then the mom of the same girl’s best friend is also found dead in the river a few months later… that’s basically the mystery; why did they jump, or did they jump? I was a bit underwhelmed with the reasoning for one of the female’s death… I really did go “WOW, REALLY? THAT’S WHY!?” but honestly it’s a good story overall, I think I was just expecting something a bit spookier.

Overall/Ending/Emotional Value

20/20 Overall I really did like this book, I actually liked this one more than The Girl on the Train. I believe I gave that book 3 stars because I had solved the mystery before I was at the ending. This one on the other hand had a decent twist. As far as emotions, I did feel spooked during some parts and I really have an appreciation for the author for telling her story the way that she did. This is the first book I read that has the chapters being told by SO many different characters… I really enjoyed it!

Would I recommend this book? Yes! 10/10

Would I re-read this book? Yes and especially as an audiobook 10/10

Overall Rating: 98/100 (5 out of 5 stars)


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