Jane the Virgin Season 4 Review

Jane the Virgin is one of my all-time favorite TV shows and the seasons never disappoint. I finished watching season 4 a couple days ago and I could not believe the season finale! I am ready for season 5 to come out but it’ll probably be a complete year before I get to see what happens next… SADFACE.

There are spoilers below, obviously.


This season we were introduced to some new characters: Krishna, Jane Ramos and Adam. I don’t really know how I’m going to do this review so I’m just going to do a quick summary of the characters and let you know what I thought about each one of them this season.

Jane: Jane is my favorite character and she never, ever annoys me. I really do like her and just want her to be happy. I liked that she reconnected with Adam and thought that they made a cute pair. I have never been a Rafael fan so it was tough for me to see her with Rafael towards the second half of this season.

Jane also got her first book published which was SO dang cool. That is one of my dreams so to see it become a reality for Jane  put a smile on face. It bummed me out when she read that bad review but I know that Jane will write a stellar novel next season. My guess is that the novel she writes will actually end up being this entire show that we are watching!

Xiomara: Xo has had such a hard time this season. Seeing her going through the cold cap treatments was rough and that one scene where she is walking with Janey healthy and bright to all of a sudden looking sickly was heartbreaking. I would not say I am like Xiomara at all but I admire her and think she is such a strong and wonderful mother. I hope that she recovers and is healthy next season.

Rogelio: Rogelio is easily my second favorite character in this show, I just love him and think he is hilarious. I could not stop laughing after he and Darci decided to name their baby “Baby”… I think it’s the perfect name. He has definitely had a hard time too with Xiomara getting diagnosed with cancer and I feel like we saw many, many sides of Rogelio this season.

Alba: Jane’s grandma is annoying, lol.

Rafael: Also annoying. Seriously, so annoying. He is such a baby, please write him off the show!

Mateo: Mateo is cute but I find the actor’s voice a little annoying at times, lol. He is better just being part of the scenes when he isn’t talking much, hehe.

Petra: I love Petra! Sure, she’s… kinda… cray cray but there’s something in me that has a soft spot for her. And I like her with JR… I hope they figure out all their issues next season.

Jane Ramos: Wow, Rosario Dawson is gorgeous. Every time she popped on my screen I kept thinking about how pretty she is. The last scene we see of her is her shooting a mysterious character to save Petra so I’m interested to see how that plays out.

Anezka: I actually feel bad that she died but she needed to be written off the show so it’s understandable.

Krishna: I knew she was the one trying to frame Petra. I don’t know if it’s because of all the crime/murder novels I read now but I just knew it was her and it felt good to know I was right, lol.

Adam: I liked him for Jane… mostly because I liked him more than Rafael. Adam was actually cute and he brought out this fun and carefree Jane which I liked. It sucks he left but well, with that season finale twist… I ain’t that mad…

Season Finale:

Oh. em. gee. Y’all don’t know how happy I was to see Michael. Totally shocked, but happy too. I have been Team Michael since day one and was always upset whenever Jane would suddenly be in love Rafael. I cried when they got married because it was the most beautiful, sweetest wedding ceremonies I had ever seen. I have no idea why or how Michael is alive but I have questions – where the heck was he, how is he back and why did he let four years go by without seeing Jane!? I have to re-watch the episode where he dies because to be honest I don’t really remember how it happened, I believe it was some sort of heart failure though.


I really enjoyed this season! This season only had 17 episodes (compared to the previous seasons having 20, 22 and 20) so it did seem to fly by a lot faster than the other ones. It does feel like there is a part A and B in season 4 but I didn’t mind that. That’s how Once Upon A Time seasons usually are so I’m used to it. I never felt bored during any episode and the narrator once again did a fantastic job. I just love how unique this show is. I’m so excited for season 5, I’m just sad it’s the final season! I hope they do a good job at wrapping it up.


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