The Last Mrs. Parish Book Review

I remember I saw this online on Barnes and Noble and the book cover immediately caught my attention as did that little Reese’s Book Club sticker… I actually have a small crush on Reese Witherspoon so I know deep inside that that was one, if not the only, reason that I decided to purchase and read this book. I really liked it but nonetheless I would not re-read  this (which is rare because usually 5 star books are typically the only ones I re-read) because dang, this one really kind of leaves you with a little bruise emotionally and mentally that I don’t think I have the power or strength to re-live the moments in this book! (Does that even make sense!?) I’ve never actually felt that with any other book before, but let’s get to the review.

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine


20/20 Just like in the last book review I wrote (My Husband’s Wife) this book also had very annoying characters but that’s the thing – they were supposed to be annoying. They were very unlikeable but there is one that you might re-consider your feelings for, at least I did. There are three main characters in this book: Amber, Daphne and Jackson along with some smaller characters but the three main ones were damn interesting and very complex… they had different sides to them which intrigued me and I wanted to know more about them.

Writing Style & Flow

20/20 The book is split into three parts… which I didn’t even know until I got to the second part and I was legit like, “Oh snap.” I was so excited to read the second part in a different character’s perspective. I thought the book flowed well and the book gets straight to the point in the beginning; we meet Amber and learn right away that she’s pretty untrustworthy. I did go from disliking to liking some of the characters in this book which I found very interesting.

Story/Plot Lines

20/20 Very creepy story that kept me wanting to know more and more. I was genuinely uncomfortable during some parts because some parts were so vivid in my head while reading. Spoilers (highlight with mouse): there is a lot of uncomfortable mental, domestic and emotional abuse in this book in the second half. It is a reminder at how someone else’s relationship may seem perfect on the outside but in reality it could all be fake and very toxic. Honestly even thinking back about what I read gives me chills.

Overall/Ending/Emotional Value

20/20 Overall I think it’s a good book and I’d recommend it. It’s definitely a thriller and the characters are pretty interesting even though they’re not exactly the best people all the time. I think I’m okay with the ending, not everyone gets their happy ending and they do say that what goes around comes around, so… *throws hands up*

Would I recommend this book? Yes 10/10

Would I re-read this book? No but only because it was pretty intense for me and I don’t really want to feel those feelings again, lol 5/10

Overall Rating: 95/100 (5 out of 5 stars)

This is kind of (!?!?!?!) a spoiler but if you are sensitive to domestic, emotional and/or mental abuse it might actually be a difficult book to get through as I found some scenes pretty graphic and very descriptive that it made me uncomfortable at times. But I do recommend this book! I liked it and also I loved the book cover and tbh I am a sucker for a pretty book cover. *shrugs*


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