Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Movie Review

I still remember going to the movie theater to watch the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie… and I also remember falling asleep in my chair. Ooops. I was never a big fan of space movies (to this day I’ve never watched a single Star Wars or Star Trek movie) but my partner at the time wanted to watch this movie so we went. I only watched it once and I never bothered watching the second movie that was released last year, until now.

There are lots of spoilers in this blog post.

I finally decided to give The Guardians of the Galaxy a second chance and rented volumes 1 and 2. Volume 1 was actually really, really good… I have no idea why I fell asleep back then. Maybe it was an evening show time and I was sleepy, or maybe I was just too hardheaded and didn’t want to give the movie a chance. But nonetheless, I watched it and enjoyed it so much that I rented volume 2 the next night and omg, I loved that one even more.

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The Characters

Every character in this movie has depth; they have their own personalities, their weaknesses and strengths and they actually develop as the movie progresses! What! As someone who loves a good story with character development and depth I really, really appreciated this. I think my absolute favorite thing about this movie was how there were many smaller stories developing at once between different characters.

Nebula and Gamora

Gamora: You can stay with us and help them.
 I will help them by killing Thanos.

Gamora I don’t know if that’s possible. (hugs Nebula) You will always be my sister.

One of my absolute favorite stories was the one between Nebula and Gamora. A sisterly bond is so strong and special and these prove that even though you “hate” each other you still can’t hurt them. Their words to each other and their hug was such a great scene, very emotional and it made me think of my own sister and how her and I may sometimes argue a lot but no matter what she’s still my sister. 😀

Yondu and Rocket

Yondu: I know them scientists that made you, never gave a rat’s ass about you!
Rocket: I’m serious, dude!
Yondu: Just like my own damn parents who sold me, their own little baby, into slavery! I know who you are, boy…because you’re me.
Rocket: …what kind of a pair are we?

I. Really. Like. Rocket. Since the first movie when I saw his pain in his eyes that was caused when people called him rodent, pet, “triangle-faced monkey” and other names I was just like, “Poor Rocket, people don’t see him for who he is just for what he looks like.” Rocket is intelligent and yes, he’s a lil crazy and mean but it’s very apparent that it is a wall to protect himself. So in one of those last scenes in vol. 1 when Groot sacrficies himself and Rocket begins to cry, well dang – I started tearing up too. In vol. 2 while Yondu and Rocket are together they realize they are pretty similar and I thought that was a powerful scene… you feel a little less lonely when you realize there’s someone else who has gone through similar struggles.

Rocket and Groot

Rocket: No, groot! You can’t, you’ll die. Why are you doing this? Why?
Groot: We are Groot. 

These two are obviously a lot of people’s favorite pairing. Their relationship is definitely a brother-like one with both of them really understanding one another; I love how Rocket always knows what Groot is saying even though all we hear is “I am Groot.” 😛  I originally thought that Groot was revived in volume 2 but apparently Baby Groot is different and is more like Groot’s son… which is a little sad, but at least a bit of Groot still lives. Plus Baby Groot is so cute so I’m okay with it.

Yondu and Peter Quill

Yondu: He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy. I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right. I’m damn lucky you’re my boy.

This relationship really got me. I thought it was an incredible relationship that didn’t really seem like much in volume 1 but then we discover how much Yondu actually cared about Peter. I couldn’t help but start crying during their scene when Yondu tells him that even though Ego was Peter’s father, Yondu considered himself Peter’s daddy. Then you see the pain in Peter’s face as he realizes that Yondu is gone and SIGH… SADFACE.

One other thing I loved about these two is when Ego told Peter he had no idea why Yondu kept him and Peter says: “Well, I’ll tell you why. Because I was a skinny little kid who could squeeze into places adults couldn’t. It made it easier for thievin’.”

And sure enough when Rocket asks Yondu why he kept Peter, Yondu replies with: “He was skinny. Could fit into places we couldn’t. Good for thievin’.”

I just thought that was a funny little thing… Peter knew what Yondu would say if asked about his reasonings for keeping Peter.

Another of my favorite scenes that makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time is when Yondu is coming down with his arrow and Peter says, “You look like Mary Poppins!” and Yondu genuinely asks, “Is he cool?” and Peter says, “Hell yeah he is.”

“I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”


Peter Quill and Ego

Ego: “Not one of them carried the Celestial genes. Until you, Peter. Out of all my spawn… only you carried the connection to the light.”

Ego is a psychotic maniac and in my opinion a great villain. He seems so chill and doesn’t think anything wrong with his plan but impregnating women from multiple planets in hopes of giving life to a son with celestial powers to help him take over the universe is… insane and purely evil. As these two were together we learned more about Ego’s crazy plans I was just in awe of how absolutely crazy he was. I felt bad for Quill that his father turned out to be evil and a total psycho but I enjoyed learning more about Ego’s creation and his plans.

Quill and Gamora

Gamora: It’s just…some unspoken thing.

I like these two and I like that they have this “unspoken thing” between them. I really like Gamora and I think she and Quill make a nice pair. In the beginning of the movie when Quill is flirting with that gold Sovereign lady as he looks at Gamora he quickly stops talking about sleeping with that woman and realizes that Gamora is listening to everything he is saying, which made me laugh. He later apologizes but Gamora says he doesn’t care. I like that at the end she accepts that they have an unspoken thing between them. I am going to flip out whenever, if ever, they kiss on screen.

Drax and Mantis

Drax: People usually want cute pets. Why would Ego want such a hideous one?
Mantis: I am hideous?
Drax: You are horrifying to look at. Yes. But that’s a good thing.

Drax is such an interesting character. Some of the things he says, especially to Mantis, are so mean that it makes me not like him because he is basically being a bully but I believe he just very upfront about his beliefs that he doesn’t intentionally mean to hurt people with his words. Mantis is a good sport though and she doesn’t get hurt or upset with what he says. Even if their relationship doesn’t bloom into anything romantic I think these two have a really funny and unique friendship.

The Graphics & Music


The graphics and visuals in this are fantastic. The scene pictured above of Gamora and Quill is my favorite, I think the colors are so pretty. All the scenes on Ego’s Planet during sunset are pretty actually.

I also love the music in this movie! I think “Mr. Blue Sky” is the absolute perfect first song to play while having Baby Groot dance while the rest of the Guardians fight!

The Story/Overall

As I mention above in the Peter Quill & Ego paragraph I thought that Ego was a terrific villain. It’s one thing to just be a bad dude who wants to destroy everything because he hates everyone, but I thought it was even more interesting that he had this very thought-out plan of how he was going to take over the universe by having everything become “him.” As I also said above I loved, more than anything, the smaller stories that were going on and the relationships between the characters that were growing and developing. I think that the story of volume 2 was much more interesting than the first one and the fact that it made me cry and laugh multiple times has made this my favorite Marvel movie and honestly just my favorite movie in general. I give this movie 6 out of 5 stars. 😉

I’m pretty sure I’m the last person to have seen this movie but I’m glad I finally did. I also recorded a video review talking about both volumes 1 and 2 if you’d like to check it out on YouTube or below. 🙂


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