My Husband’s Wife Book Review

While browsing through audiobooks I decided on this one because I liked the book cover (it’s pretty) and the book title made me go, “huh!?” I did not read a summary or synopsis about it… I just hit play and listened. Thankfully, I really enjoyed this audiobook. It was so addicting! There were twists and turns and I loved every bit of confusion. The minute that I thought I had it all figured out the author knew how to instantly make me feel clueless again. It has even made my list of my favorite books of 2018!

My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

Narrated by Rosalyn Landor


20/20 Every character that was supposed to be annoying was very annoying. Every character that was supposed to be untrustworthy was shady AF. I didn’t really “like” any character in this book but I believe that was the point; these characters are flawed but dang, they are interesting and not at all boring. I wanted to know more about them, their secrets, their pasts, the reasons why they did what they did, etc.

Writing Style & Flow

20/20 I listened to the audiobook format of this book and I did not have any trouble keeping up with it. The chapters alternated between two characters and I really liked that. I would say around the halfway mark of the book the chapters would begin to give different perspectives of the same situations as they were happening which I found very interesting. Overall I think it flowed very well and she didn’t use any confusing words or weird sentences.

Story/Plot Lines

20/20 I think what really made this book amazing for me were the crazy stories and plot lines that were going on. We get to see characters within a large time frame and it’s very, very intriguing. We start at the present, go back to the past, and then back to the present and within these time frames are different stories going on that further add to the bigger overall story… I can’t even explain it in-depth because I don’t want to give any type of spoiler but it good.

Overall/Ending/Emotional Value

20/20 I thought the ending was fine, it was an ending that made sense. The ending was not really the shocker… the shocker was more so the story/stories in between. It definitely confused me and my jaw would drop a couple times while listening to this book as well as my hands going over my mouth as I would “silent gasp” while listening to this at work… lol I was really into it and the fact that it got emotion out of me made me like it even more.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! 10/10

Would I re-read this book? Yaaasss 10/10

Overall Rating: 100/100 (5 out of 5 stars)

Tbh, this audiobook was fantastic. The narrator did a great job and she gave the most annoying voice to some characters which I think was a great idea. It made them more annoying, lol. I would definitely recommend this book if you like psychological thrillers. I can’t wait to buy this in paperback so I can re-read it and place it on my bookshelf. 🙂


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