Recently Read: April 2018

April was a horrible month when it came to my reading… I only read one book and it was actually an audiobook that I listened to. I think I downloaded it to read on my flight to New Orleans but I ended up just listening to music. My Spotify playlists were winning over audiobooks and for some reason the world of movies was triumphant over my book TBR. I have it planned to write a blog post about all the movies I watched in April, since I watched a few… way more than usual. I’m not much of a movie watcher but with Amazon adding a bunch of DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movies) and me renting a few Marvel movies in anticipation of the new Avengers movies, well, I’ve watched enough that a blog post wrap up is in order. But for now, I will just write about the book I listened to in April; att least it was a good one. I love this one and if you haven’t read it, please pick it up. The audiobook is just as fantastic as the book… actually, it might be even better because the author, AJ Mendez Brooks aka AJ Lee from the WWE Universe, narrates it herself!

Crazy is My Superpower
by AJ Mendez Brooks, narrated by AJ Mendez Brooks (5 out of 5 stars)

I think only one word describes this book: wow! This was my second time reading Crazy is My Superpower and I enjoyed it very much, maybe even more than the first time. The first time I read this was in April 2017 when my pre-ordered hardcopy arrived in the mail and I was excited to read it again except this time I decided to listen to the audiobook. I’m so glad that AJ narrates the book herself, it makes it seem like she is speaking to you as a friend and is just sharing all these stories with you. She gets very deep and personal about her childhood and rough upbringing as well as her journey to becoming a top performer in the WWE. I really have no idea why I am so drawn to this book; maybe it’s because when AJ was a child and teenager she was just a tiny little Hispanic girl who loved video games (just like me!) who grew up into a strong, beautiful, hard-working woman… so perhaps it is just inspiring for me to see her success as a pro-wrestler, author and activist. She talks a lot about mental illness and her bipolar disorder in this book and she really wants to end the stigma around mental illness. I have never met AJ but I would love to meet her one day and have her sign my book and let her know that her shout out to Yuna and Lulu in her acknowledgements section always makes me smile.

Even if you are not a wrestling fan or know anything about wrestling at all this book is still one I think you should read. It’s inspiring to see someone overcome so many struggles and it really makes you believe that your dreams can come true with determination, hard work and by never giving up.


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