Travel Diary: New Orleans (Wrestlemania 34) Day 2

It was pouring rain on Saturday morning when I woke up, it honestly sounded like someone was throwing buckets of water at the hotel windows. I looked at my phone to check the weather and was pretty bummed out that it said it was going to rain most of the day. After eating breakfast though, the sun suddenly came out and I was very excited that I was actually going to get to walk around the French Quarter again! I really wanted to go to the French Market and flea market down there… you just never know what you’ll find at a flea market.

Top left: Cafe du Monde, top right: Jackson Square, bottom right: near St. Louis Cathedral, bottom right: French Market entrance
Top left: St. Louis Cathedral, top right: Faulkner House Books, bottom left: selfie lol, bottom right: beignets!

It turned out to be such a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine. Goes to show you that the weather app is usually always incorrect! I found a lot of Mardi Gras masks for my nieces and nephews as well as other souvenirs for my family at the flea market, I was very pleased! My absolute favorite find was a peacock feather hair accessory that I immediately knew I would be wearing to Wrestlemania on Sunday night to support my queen, Charlotte Flair, who likes to decorate her ring gear with the peacock feather motif.

I changed my outfit (which was really just changing tops) before heading off to my Axxess session on Saturday night. I had a VIP ticket to meet Charlotte and I decided to wear my peacock feather that night and I’m so glad I did! Charlotte saw it and she told me that she loved it. She also called me a queen and gave me a hug, which was photographed below… I was so emotional and happy, I couldn’t even let go of her to properly pose for the photo, lol.

When I went up to her I handed her a letter and a little teacup ring that I knew would the perfect gift for her. Yesterday when I logged into Instagram I was mega shocked when I received a notification that Charlotte had actually shared my ring & letter and tagged me in her Instagram story!!! It was a really cool moment that I’ll always remember, as cheesy as that sounds, lol.

I wanted to write her a letter because, if you have read her book Second Nature, you will know that she has gone through two divorces and suffered from codependency with her ex-partners. I really related to that but I had no idea that someone like Charlotte had gone through that type of struggle. Charlotte Flair (the character on TV) is so strong and independent and doesn’t need anyone but herself and so I really found inspiration in Charlotte and in Ashley (her real name, and the woman who went through those past relationships) and so I just wanted her to know that I was grateful to her and her character. This was, after all, my first time going to an Axxess session alone and I really did get a lot of motivation from reading her book and seeing her character flourish into a Queen on TV. If Ashley can become this amazing, strong, independent Queen known as Charlotte than I can to. 😀

“I had to rid myself of the mind-set that someone else or someone else’s perceptions of me would make me happy. I had to make myself happy first.”

– Charlotte Flair, Second Nature

Meeting Charlotte was definitely the highlight of my day but I was lucky enough to meet some other cool Superstars as well. I met Gallows & Anderson last year at Axxess but they are honestly such cool guys that I was glad for the opportunity to meet them again. When I saw that The Miz was listed as one of the Superstars that would be at the Saturday night Axxess session I knew that I had to meet him and I’m glad I did! His line was long but man, he was so nice. He even let us all hold his Intercontinental Championship belt… that thing was heavy! Also, shoutout to the nice guy in line who let me hold his Smackdown Womens Championship belt. I’m so glad I have a photo holding it!

Overall, Axxess was so much fun. Yes, it was different going at it solo but to be honest it was very enjoyable and relaxing… probably the most fun I have had at Axxess actually. I was able to walk at my own pace and do whatever I wanted. I think a lot of the WWE Universe was at the arena watching NXT Takeover so it also just felt like such a chill session, which I loved. It was such a wonderful way to end my day and when I got back to the hotel I was just very pumped and excited for the next day… Wrestle-freaking-mania!!! Day 3 coming next!

Make sure you check out my my Wrestlemania 34 vlog below! 🙂


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