Travel Diary: New Orleans (Wrestlemania 34) Day 1

Waking up at 3:20am is never fun but I kept repeating to myself that I was going to Wrestle-freaking-mania to get a bit hyped up about my early morning flight. I was definitely tired the entire airplane ride and it wasn’t until we checked in to the hotel that I finally was feeling a bit of the excitement. I was finally in New Orleans and it was finally time for me to go to Wrestlemania alone for the very first time… it was both exciting and terrifying.

We were handed this Wrestlemania map when we got to the airport!

Friday is the day that my brother and I decided to walk around NOLA and see the city. There is so much history in New Orleans and I’m pretty sure we both fell in love with the city, even though he won’t admit it. My favorite part was definitely the French Quarter and Jackson Square specifically. The St. Louis Cathedral is quite a sight and the park right in front of it is a great place for a photo op and also just makes you feel so relaxed. It’s a nice break from the crazy streets that are full of cars, trolleys and pedestrians (even though Jackson Square is a little crowded too, lol.)

Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral
Top left: Jackson Square, top right: St. Louis Cathedral, bottom left: Jackson Square, bottom right: Julia Street

I also decided to hit up the Wrestlemania Superstore on my first day there because I wanted to grab my souvenir cup (I have two from my past two Wrestlemania trips so it has sort of become my little tradition to buy a cup for each event.) While I was there I also spotted the Charlotte vs. Asuka blue t-shirt that is not sold on the WWE shop. Originally, my plan was to wear the black t-shirt with the Wrestlemania 34 logo on Sunday but after seeing the Charlotte/Asuka shirt I decided that that was the perfect t-shirt to wear for the big event!

Axxess and the Wreslemania Superstore were located inside the Ernest Morial Convention Center
This was the match I was most looking forward to!
My little collection!

Overall, my first day in NOLA was spent traveling, doing a little bit of WWE shopping and a whole lot of walking. I was exhausted but so thankful to be in such a beautiful city. On the walk back to the rental car we also passed by Lafayette Square and that was also very pretty park with a lot less people. I’m just glad the weather was nice on this day, it made the walking a lot more enjoyable. 🙂

I also vlogged a bit while I was there so make sure you check out my Wrestlemania 34 vlog below! 🙂


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