10 Questions Answered for the Liebster Award

The first time that I got tagged for a Liebster Award was back in 2014 when I started blogging on The Pyreflies and I remember being so excited about it. I also remember being tagged for other Liebster Awards but choosing to not do them for fear of being repetitive on my blog. With that being said, it has been many years since I was last tagged and the lovely Megan was cool enough to tag me and posted some questions for me to answer!

What song would you choose to listen to as you watched the world end?
Tbh I don’t think about sad stuff like this and I don’t think I would be listening to a song if the world was ending right before my eyes, lol.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?
I do not watch many YouTubers but I will admit that I have become a huge Gabriel and Jess Conte fan, I think they are so cute and it’s a little sad how happy I get when they upload a new video. I also like watching the WWE Game Night videos!

What book(s) are you currently reading?
Final Girls by Riley Sager

What is your weird blogging tip?
I don’t think I have a weird blogging tip… but my tip for any blogger (or for someone who wants to blog) is to write when you feel like it; don’t feel pressured to blog every day or every week, unless of course that’s what you want.

What Hogwarts house would your favorite fictional character be sorted into?
Mark Watney from The Martian is my favorite fictional character from a book and I think he would be sorted into Gryffindor. Yuna from Final Fantasy X is my favorite video game character and she would be sorted into Hufflepuff. Cosima from Orphan Black is my favorite TV character and she would be sorted in Ravenclaw for sure.

What was the last movie you watched?
High School Musical 2… I was going down Memory Lane lol

Do you have any obsessions right now?
I’m always obsessed with something… I’m kinda obsessed with The Voice right now because the season just started. I’m even re-watching the episodes again on Hulu just because I love listening to everyone sing.

What would be your review of the tribble you adopted a couple of weeks ago?
I had to google what a tribble was. I think it’s a Star Wars thing. I am not a Star Wars fan.

What is your favorite podcast right now?
I’m actually not listening to any podcasts right now. I love the first episodes of Regular Girls when they had structure and a theme. I’ve taken a break from them because they’re just so random without any substance, I sadly feel like I’ve wasted my time when I listen to them. I hope they get back to a structured game plan soon.

What fictional character would you love to have as your RPG game master?
The only RPG I have played is Final Fantasy and I don’t remember anything being called a game master in that game. But if by game master you mean someone who controls me and my decisions in life it would be Cosima from Orphan Black. She’s pretty chill and smart so I think I’d trust her judgment. I would choose Ingrid from Witches of East End because she is pretty levelheaded but she sorta made some bad decisions in season 2 that make me second guess that choice, lol.


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