The Voice: Season 14 – My Top 10 Favorite Blind Auditions

I don’t keep up with a lot of singing competitions (or care much about them) but I will admit that I really enjoy watching The Voice. I have been watching the blind auditions for many years but I never actually watched the entire season… don’t ask me why, I don’t even know! But last year in the fall I watched season 13 from start to end and I was so excited for the next season to start. My two favorites Chloe Kohanski and Addison Agen were the finalists and it was pretty darn cool to see them make it to the very end!

The show is currently airing it’s Battle Rounds episodes but I am going to backtrack a bit and talk about my top 10 favorite blind auditions from a few weeks ago.

As you can see, all my picks are women because female singers are my favorite and also women with very unique, soft (but powerful and magical) voices. I am not a fan of yellers… so as soon as someone comes on stage yelling and screaming I’m like “nooope!”

I hope they do well this season. #1 is my overall favorite!

#1 Genesis Diaz: I think she is super cute with a great voice and I LOVE this song!

#2 Livia Faith: The cutest thing I’ve ever seen with the sweetest voice!

#3 Shana Halligan: Her voice is sooo unique, I fell in love with the first words she sang!

#4 Christiana Danielle: This song was perfection!

#5 Brynn Cartelli: She is adorable with such a great voice and she’s only 14!

#6 Stephanie Skipper: There is something about her that really caught my eye and I love her voice!

#7 Kelsea Johnson: I love the way she sang this song!

#8 Jaclyn Lovey: She comes off so awkward and cute, very unique voice!

#9 Amber Sauer: I really, really like her voice but not a big fan of when she screams… I do not like people that scream and call it “singing” lol but I also loved how she performed and used her body and hands while singing.

#10 Dallas Caroline: Her voice is very pretty!


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