Royal Rumble 2018: PPV Review

Let me just say WOW! The WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view last night was amazing and so much fun to watch! It was the first time we got to see a women’s Royal Rumble match and it was amazing that the ladies got to close the show in the main event. Does this mean we might actually get to see the women main event Wrestlemania!? UMMMM yeah, probably one day, right!? *fingers crossed*


Well, there’s (most likely) no YouTube video this week because I’m just too busy (and sleepy) with a lot of homework that I need to do so I’m just going to write up a quick blog post of my favorite (thumbs up) and my least favorite (thumbs down) moments from last night’s show!

But first, THE best part!

Before I get to the good & bad I am going to brag real quick because I am so happy about this: last week in my 2018 Royal Rumble Predictions video I said that the last four standing in the Men’s Royal Rumble match would be Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura and holy effin’ peanut butter, it actually happened!! Sure, my other predictions were shit, but who cares! Let me have this one good thing, OK!? *happy dance*



1. Burgundy Balor: Man, Finn Balor looks good in red! He should wear burgundy more often, just sayin’.

2. Kickoff Show Cruiserweights: Watching the luchadores on the kickoff show made me realize I should maybe give 205Live a chance. I really enjoyed their match, especially this fun little move. Gran Metalik really impressed me the most.

3. Andrade Arrives: I love Andrade “Cien” Almas because he’s a damn good wrestler, damn good looking and (yep) because he’s Mexican and from Durango! How freaking cool to see him enter the Rumble!! He lasted a long time too, which made me happy.

4. Heath Slater’s Entrance: O… M… G… this dude had me cracking up! Poor Slater could not get up after Baron Corbin knocked him out… it was hilarious and perfect!

5. Surprise Entrant Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio returned and it was AWESOME! He’s such a small human being, compared to the other guys in the ring, but wow he is GOOD and in such good shape!


6. Sasha Banks as #1 Entrant (and her gear): Sasha was not my pick to win but when I saw her come out as #1 I was really hoping that she would at least last the longest out of all the women, and she did! I also just loved her Wonder Woman inspired gear!

7. NO Jason Jordan: Can I get a freaking AMEN🙌 that we did not see this dude in the Royal Rumble match?! I was so happy. That’s kinda mean, I know, but I’ve never been a fan of him, or Chad Gable, ever since I saw them in NXT. Everyone seemed to love Americans Alpha, but not me. Two thumbs down all day, every day.

8. The first ever Women’s Royal Rumble: Just everything about this match was amazing. I loved it, I loved all the entrants, the moves, the endings… well, except that Becky got eliminated! I was also surprised (well, not that surprised, I guess) that the Bella Twins lasted as long as they did… I know they came in pretty late (27 and 28) so I suppose that’s why. I could probably do a separate post on JUST the Women’s Royal Rumble… I have a lot to say.


1. Maria Menounos as Ring Announcer: Maria is beautiful. Maria is energetic and loud but damn, Maria is not a good WWE ring announcer. Where was Lilian!? Why didn’t WWE ask her to be the special guest ring announcer. Seriously, Lilian would’ve been perfect and she even tweeted that she wished she could’ve been there!

2. John Cena eliminates Finn Balor: I like John. Sorta. He’s kind of really annoying on Total Divas and Total Bellas, but as a WWE wrestler, I like him. Kinda. ANYWAYS, I went from liking him to wanting to punch him when he eliminated Finn. I kept cheering “Finn’s gotta winn!” and I am bummed out that he didn’t. All because of you, Cena. I DO see you! *red angry emoji face*

3. Underwhelming US Open Challenge Dude: I’m drawing a blank and I can’t remember what you call the guy who comes out to challenge for the title. Contender!? Challenger?! I guess it’s “challenger” right!?! I don’t know, I don’t care right now. I AM SLEEPY. Basically, Mojo was underwhelming. But I guess it makes sense to have an underwhelming guy who has no actual chance of winning come out because I do not want Bobby Roode (I almost wrote Booby Roode) to lose the belt. I want him and Charlotte to come out as THE CHAMPS for their Mixed Match Challenge match! BTW, side note here… those two are absolutely adorable together. Is Booby Roode married!? If not, then Charlotte, girl, you need to text him, lol.

4. Ronda Rousey: I do not hate this girl but I can’t say I am a fan of her because I never watched her in UFC. But I do know of her and I think she’s got the cutest dang smile! I was a little bummed that she interfered and I didn’t get to find out who Asuka is facing at Wrestlemania! That’s the only reason she bade the Bad Stuff list. And also because of that hideous jacket. Please don’t wear that again. EDIT: Even if it is Roddy Piper’s! Get your own gimmick, Ronda… lol jk but it’s still just a little too big. 😆🤘

5. Dolph Ziggler at #30: I’m not really that upset that the last spot was wasted on Ziggler but at the same time, they could’ve let someone else who is actually interesting enter the Rumble…

Okay well that’s it, I guess!! That’s all that I can think about. Seth Rollins’ pants might have made other people’s Bad Stuff list but look — that man is a good looking man and I don’t really care what he’s wearing because he still cute. Except at Summerslam 2016… I must admit that black & neon green suit was awful.



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