My wrestling journey: how it began & where I am now

I love wrestling, especially WWE wrestling. Raw and Smackdown Live are my favorite wrestling shows to watch and WWE live events are my favorite to attend. I got my first taste of wrestling back in 2013 when I found Total Divas on E! The show is mostly drama but they do insert short clips of womens wrestling and that was all I needed to see to fall in love with these tough, badass women. Even though I loved Total Divas and enjoyed the wrestling bits, it never occured to me to change the channel to USA Channel to watch some actual wrestling matches on Raw and Smackdown. Ha! That would soon change.

When my partner of 7 years and I decided to separate I was determined to do new things. I remember I went to my first comic con by myself and I also remember going on to check if there were any wrestling shows that were being held near me. Even though the only wrestling that I had watched were the short clips from Total Divas I still thought that it would be fun to attend a live wrestling show. Sadly I wasn’t able to get any tickets from Ticketmaster because they were all sold out so I quickly gave up on the idea and just told myself I would catch the next show whenever WWE came back into town.

However, I got lucky that a few weeks later I met someone who absolutely loved wrestling and he convinced me to go to the Royal Rumble with him. I forget who brought it up, I actually think I did but it wasn’t until he said something about wanting to go too that I was like, “Oooh, I have to get some tickets!” (he was cute & and I thought it would be such a fun date.) He told me about and I remember finding two tickets for the show. “Finally! I’m going to the Royal Rumble! …Whatever that is!”

No, seriously, I had no idea what the Royal Rumble was. I remember having my fingers crossed hoping it was going to be a good show… little did I know that I was going to the freaking’ Royal Rumble! Just one of the top 5 biggest shows that the WWE hosts every year, no big deal right?! Sheesh! Thinking back, it makes me giggle how completely clueless I was.

The Royal Rumble is a WWE pay-per-view every January where there are singles matches, tag-team matches as well as the main event: the Royal Rumble match! During the Royal Rumble match 30 men come out into the ring in 2-minute intervals and the dudes inside the ring try to throw out their opponents over the top rope. The Royal Rumble match ends when there is only one man left standing inside the ring. This guy main events the biggest show of the year: Wrestlemania!

Royal Rumble at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL || January 24, 2016

I ended up having such a fun time at the show even though I had absolutely no idea who any of the wrestlers were. I was on Total Divas mode so I totally thought that Nikki & Brie Bella (The Bella Twins) were going to come out but nope — they were not a part of any storylines. I ended up watching a match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, having no idea who they were (This is so funny now because as you may or may not know, Charlotte Flair is my all time favorite wrestler! This blog is named Fangirl with Flair because of her!)

After the show, I even saw Charlotte and Becky walk across the road right in front of me while I was in the car. They were heading to their car and I was like, “Oh, cool.” …Oh, COOL!?????!?!? Jessica!??! If that happened today I would be going crazy and trying to keep my cool! lol

Welcome to the WWE Universe, Jess.

The night after the Royal Rumble show I watched my very first episode of Monday Night Raw and a few days later I watched Smackdown. It was official, I was hooked. Ever since then, I have been watching Raw and Smackdown every week! I even enjoy listening to others talk about wrestling; my favorite YouTube channels are Going in Raw and Afterbuzz TV. They both do a great job at recapping the shows and Going in Raw does a lot of countdown lists and prediction videos as well.

The Amway Center remains a special place for me because it was the arena where I watched my very first WWE show. I have visited the Amway a few times before to watch NXT Takeover: Orlando, Raw and Smackdown Live last year in April but earlier this month I went back to attend a Smackdown Live show and it felt… very different!

Smackdown Live at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL || January 2, 2018

Earlier in this post I mention meeting someone who loved wrestling and that we went to the Royal Rumble together. Well, we didn’t just go to the Rumble together, we went to two Wrestlemanias together, two NXT Takeovers together and a lot of other shows in this long 2 year period of dating, including Raws, Smackdowns, NXT tapings and Wrestlecon Supershows. Suffice to say, wrestling was definitely him and I’s “thing.” Well, I am no longer with him so things are a bit different now.

On January 2nd I made my way back to the Amway without him but with my siblings instead. I bought them tickets and I was so excited for them to attend their first show! Yes, it did feel a little strange to be back inside the Amway without him (especially because the seats I bought were in the same section as the Royal Rumble 2016!) but it also symbolized a fresh new beginning for me. He may no longer be a part of my wrestling journey and adventures but that doesn’t change anything; I am still a massive WWE fan. I made sure that I did not let being single ruin that night so I cheered, I clapped, I sang, I threw AJ Styles a couple of too-sweets, I did the YES chants and I really did have so much fun! It made me happy that I genuinely enjoyed the show.

And also, what a great way to start off the new year, right?! I can’t wait to see all the shows and pay-per-views this year, especially the Royal Rumble which is happening this weekend!! This will be the third Royal Rumble that I watch and I am beyond pumped because this will be the first time that there will be a Womens Royal Rumble! I am a big womens wrestling fan (much bigger fan of the ladies than of the male wrestlers) so this is really exciting for me. I can’t wait to watch every show this year and experience everything in a new way. I want to vlog and blog about it more often, so stay tuned!

For now, you can watch My Top 10 Favorite WWE Moments of 2017 or maybe my trip to Wrestlemania 33! I also have other videos on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here!


6 thoughts on “My wrestling journey: how it began & where I am now

  1. Mine began Royal Rumble 1994…since then I’ve been hooked. My wife got into wrestling same way as you did, she didn’t have any real interest but gradually started to watch some of the PPVs with me and been enjoying for the last couple years. Nice story!


  2. I only got into wresting last year. Like you, the first thing I watched was the Royal Rumble. We hadn’t been in our new apartment long, and my boyfriend decided to stay up all night to watch it – in UK it’s on from like midnight annoyingly, cause of the time zones. I was curious as to why he’d risk being so tired for work the next day, just for wrestling, so I went to see what all the fuss was about, and ended up getting hooked, watching the whole thing, and going to bed at like 4am. Safe to say I’m taking next Monday off so I can watch it again.


    1. SMART move teo take Monday off!! hehe! I kinda want to take the day off, but I’m going to suck it up and head to work on Monday morning. Hopefully I won’t be TOO tired, but even if I am, it’s worth it to watch the Royal Rumble lol!


  3. It’s good to read your wrestling story. I loved it way back in the 90s. The Attitude era was amazing! I used to watch it with my cousins when we were kids and my fiancé loves it too. When I moved into my first home with my fiancé we couldn’t watch WWE as we didn’t have the channel access so we tried TNA instead as it was on a channel we had. It’s not a patch on WWE at all. We joined the Network a few years back and have been back watching ever since. We haven’t been to a live event but we’re in the UK so they’re not here as often.


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