G-Eazy: The Beautiful & Damned

Ever since I heard “Me, Myself & I” back in 2016 (and this was before it was even on the radio) I remember thinking: “Oh wow, who is this? I like him!” which was a surprise because I was never a big fan of rap music. However I am a big fan of lyrics and what caught my attention with “Me, Myself & I” is that I was able to understand the lyrics (both the chorus and the rap) without any difficulty. I initially thought it was a black guy so it was another surprise when I found he was white. I immediately listened to the rest of his album, When It’s Dark Out and then listened to his older albums These Things Happen and Must Be Nice. I only liked one song from Must Be Nice but These Things Happen and When It’s Dark Out are SOOOO good that I was beyond excited for his latest album, The Beautiful & Damned, to be released! I was not disappointed.

The Beautiful & Damned ft. Zoe Nash
Good. Zoe Nash’s voice is very unique and creepy, in a good way, especially when she is singing the main chorus lyrics. The rap parts are good too.

Pray For Me
Skip. His voice sounds great but the lyrics are way too repetitive and “the lions, and tigers and bears” parts seems a little silly.

Him & I ft. Halsey
Great. This is one of my favorite songs on his album. Great beat with two great voices and nice lyrics. The music video is also great! It’s a nice lil love song.

But A Dream
Good. A chill song with a good beat and lyrics.

Sober ft. Charlie Puth
Good. Charlie Puth has a great voice that sounds nice with G-Eazy’s. 

Good-ish. This one took a while to get used to but I think I do like. It’s one of the weaker songs on the album though.

No Limit ft. A$AP Rocky and Cardi B
Great. This is my other favorite song on this album. The lyrics are beyond unrelatable but they are so catchy and the beat is on point. At first Cardi B’s part seemed so randomly inserted but I’ve gotten used to it and it’s definitely just a fun upbeat song.

The Plan
Skip. This one is like “Pray For Me”, it’s just too repetitive for my liking.

That’s A Lot
Skip. I don’t like the beat in this song and the lyrics seem off to me, like they’re too silly, or something. I don’t know but I’ve never been able to listen to it completely because I just don’t like it.

Pick Me Up ft. Anna Of The North
Great. I love this song, the vocals on this are crazy good. It’s a chill song that I love listening to.

Skip. Unfortunately this is another repetitive song. As you can tell I like rap as long as it’s not repetitively saying the same few words. Plus “Gotdamn” sounds too much like “God Damn” which is not something I like to say.

Leviathan ft. Sam Martin
Great but (unfortunately) skip. UGH I really like this song, the vocals are ON POINT. Whoever Sam Martin is he has a nice voice but what makes me skip it are the lyrics because when I sing the chorus I am basically saying “I am the devil” and I ain’t about that life, lol. #sad

Crash & Burn ft. Kehlani
Great. One of the best songs on this album! I have nothing bad to say about this, the rap and chorus are great.

Summer in December
Skip. I heard this a few times and I’m just not feeling it. It’s chill though, but something is missing.

Charles Brown ft. E-40 and Jay Ant
Good. A chill song, nice beat. It’s not one of my favorites but it’s not bad. I just don’t like the E-40 part.

No Less ft. SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs
Great. This is a lovely song! It’s surprisingly romantic. “Fuck being selfish, I just wanna give you more.” “True love is true compromise.”

Mama Always Told Me ft. Madison Love
Great. Oh the chorus on this is so catchy! And G-Eazy has some great lyrics too. “Love is pain, love is risk, on the flip side love is bliss.” “Love comes for a season or a reason.” 

Fly Away ft. Ugochi
GREAT. This song is fucking heartbreaking. I love it. Everything about it.

Love Is Gone ft. Drew Love
Great. An extremely powerful song about this world we live in. “Monsters, we’ve turned into monsters. How did we get the way we are?”

Eazy ft. Son Lux
GREAT! He ends the album with some of the best songs on the album and I love this one too! It’s a look back at his life and what he has been through.


This album is SO GOOD and definitely worth listening to. There are a total of 20 songs and only 5 songs that I wasn’t a big fan of. G-Eazy included a lot more collabs on this album with women which isn’t surprising after seeing how successful “Me, Myself & I” was. 


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