Quick Orphan Black Review

Holy holy holy. 5 seasons. 50 episodes. Best time of my life! I haven’t felt this way about a TV show in SO LONG! The last time I got this obsessed with a show was when I started watching Once Upon A Time. 

I have so many thoughts going through my mind right now. That last episode was quite the rollercoaster of emotions. So here’s my quick review on what I thought about this show.

First, Tatiana Maslany… my God, what a damn queen. This girl played so many different characters SO DAMN WELL. Each girl had their own personality, tone of voice, way of walking and attitude. I honestly have a huge crush on her and her amazing abilities.

The story is beyond nuts and the show is written in a way where you just want to keep watching episode after episode. The characters develop throughout the series and you learn so much about them. Cosima is my favorite! When I started this show on December 2nd I was just starting to dip my toe into trying to learn more about different sciences and so to see such a beautiful and knowledgeable lab nerd… well, it just struck something inside me and made me instantly like her. She has dreads (which I find very unattractive) but it doesn’t even bother me on her. She’s just so cool and I want her to be my friend!

This show gave me one of my new favorite words… “Sestra.” I like to call my sister and brothers that, except I say Sestra-Brother just like Helena did when she spoke to Felix. Speaking of Helena, she is one hell of a character. She has a crazy amount of character development throughout the show. I was repulsed by her actions in the beginning, but then she becomes part of the Clone Club family and you start to cheer for her. Sure, she made some really crazy and horrible mistakes, but she had a rough childhood and lacked real love and family. Once she realized she had some sestras she softened up a bit. She’s still crazy, but that’s why we love her.

Alison Hendrix is also a fab character. I just love her and Donnie. They had some of the funniest scenes together! I will never forget her and Donnie dancing in their underwear in their bedroom with all that cash. HIL-AR-I-OUS! I’m bummed that she got that short haircut in the last few episodes. Her bangs were so iconic! 

Even though Sarah is the main character, she wasn’t my favorite. Like I said above, Cosima is my fave, but Sarah is still likeable. She is like a tough chick that you want to kick it with at the bar. I don’t drink often but if I was with Sarah I would ask her to take me to her favorite bar so we could have a fun night, lol.

There’s actually a lot more characters than I thought, so I’ll keep it to the main four for now. Expect more in-depth blog posts in the future! Maybe even a YouTube video if I find the motivation to record.

Now that I am done with the entire series I will be watching a ton of videos on YouTube of behind-the-scenes and interviews from talk shows and Comic Cons! If you scroll back up and look at the first photo that is a photo of some of my recent Orphan Black purchases. I got my hands on two wall calendars and two books all about Orphan Black. I cannot wait to start reading them!


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