My picks for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge


So yesterday the WWE announced they were doing this new social media-based competition on Facebook called the Mixed Match Challenge.

Great, I’m glad I deleted Facebook weeks ago. /sarcasm. I’m sure they will stream it or upload it somewhere else to watch (I hope) because I definitely have zero interest in reactivating my Facebook account. Let’s move along! I decided to take some time to share my picks for the pairings of this competition.

Click here to read the article on WWE which also includes a list of the competitors.

My pairings:

Team Raw

Alexa Bliss and Samoa Joe
They’re both tough and have a mean spirit that I think will work well together.

Asuka and Braun Strowman
Two people of few words. Both are extremely strong and are not beaten very often. It makes sense to pair these two unstoppable people together!

Alicia Fox and Finn Balor
I love me some Foxy and I know this pairing is not the most expected, but it was either Miz or Finn and I think Finn and Foxy will make a better team than Foxy and Miz. Plus Finn and Fox just sounds better too! 😂

Bayley and Goldust
I feel like, out of all the Raw women announced for this tournament, Bayley would work the best with Goldust because I believe she would have the best (positive) attitude about being paired with someone like him.

Nia Jax and Enzo Amore
Blah. So I paired these two because I think WWE is doing a love angle with these two. Sigh… Moving on…

Sasha Banks and The Miz
These two love their bling and shiny things. They’re both cocky… but I think that’s all they have in common, lol. Fingers crossed they don’t get too hardheaded and can learn how to work together. My other option for Sasha is Finn Balor, so I dunno, Foxy and Sasha can/might flip around.

Team Smackdown

Becky Lynch and Nakamura
Both are pretty rockstar-esque and so I think they’d vibe well together.

Carmella and Sami Zayn
My other option for Carmella is Jimmy Uso but I want Jimmy to be with his wife Naomi, so Sami will do. I think Sami is the only man on Team Smackdown that she can sort of “push around” and have some say and control over.

Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode
They both wear flashy robes. I think this will be a glorious pairing!

Lana and Rusev
I would love to see these two wrestle together!! Lana has really been trying to learn how to wrestle better and I’m sure she will learn a lot by being paired with Rusev.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso
I’m pairing them because they’re married and are hilarious together, and so I’m pretty sure they have the perfect chemistry to do great in this competition.

Natalya and Big E
Nattie and Big E are friends and so I think they will have good chemistry and work great together.

Who will win?

Listen, I don’t even really understand how this this is gonna go down, butttttttttt let me just say that I think the undefeated Asuka will have to win just because of the fact that she’s never lost a match. 🤔  but I obviously want Charlotte to win! But I want Finn to win as well! Foxy and Finn!? Charlotte and Roode!? I guess I hope they stream this somewhere else besides the Facebook app so I can find out 😂🤞


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